Al-Guezira Group delivers high end projects to home owners and investors who want quality real estate in the best locations Egypt has to offer.

Our business focuses on residential and commercial developments, and is committed to providing quality-made properties in prime locations. Our company is built on experience, healthy returns and efficiency. Quite simply, we understand property. We know how to capitalise on its potential and maximize investment for our investors. Our unique combination of expertise in property allows us to uncover realistic opportunities for attractive returns.

A Rich History

Al-Guezira Group’s journey of growth started in 1988. From the first day of operation, we have strived to build a better future for Egypt backed by our unmatched expertise in real estate development, and underpinned by integrity and honest work. Today, we stand proud as one of Egypt’s most respected developers and contractors, lauded for delivering projects with distinction.

In the beginning, the company’s focus was on residential & office buildings in Cairo’s El Mohandeseen district. With a profound vision of contributing to the construction boom of the nineties, the founders established two joint stock companies in 1995 to storm into the residential compounds business.

Today, we continue to create world-class developments across Egypt as we draw from the founders’ entrepreneurial spirit and uphold the same ethos of working with honesty and integrity. The real estate market in Egypt is bright and Al-Guezira will continue to identify prime locations, design vibrant environments, and create soulful developments that enrich people’s lives. To view our current portfolio and learn more about our developments, please click here.


Al-Guezira Group prides itself on enduring business relationships and creating outstanding developments and with a focus on achieving exceptional results for our customers, partners and clients. Al-Guezira Group’s vision is to deliver innovative and cutting edge developments rooted in research and expertise. All Al-Guezira Group developments are smartly designed, highly liveable and great value properties for the enjoyment of all demographics, in developments that add to the rich urban fabric of the areas they are built.

More Than Meets the Eye

Al-Guezira Group’s exemplified professionalism, efficiency and ethical values ensured a high standard of customer satisfaction. We executed and participated in a wide range of projects varied and extended to include managing the master franchise for Unopiu in Egypt, an Italian outdoor luxury furniture brand. Al-Guezira operates the franchise for Acova by distributing high-end wall mounted radiators, as well as the distribution of GBT Bonomi, a brand that specializes in the production of refined home accessories.

The Highest Standards

of Real Estate Contracting in Egypt

Through the good reputation and capabilities of the group, we have been able to take over the contracting accounts of esteemed brands such as the Volkswagen showroom, Emirates Airlines office building in El-Mohandeseen district, the Sheraton Royal Gardens extension in El-Haram district, the renovation of El- Shoura Council’s main hall and the Ministry of Irrigation’s Nile Water Sector Headquarters.

Mahmoud Selim


Al-Guezira Group is on a mission to continuously strengthen our portfolio by developing high-performance products and extending our reach throughout Egypt with an active concern for the environment. We do not only build, we create an environment of continuous growth, causing spillover effects and enhancing the local economies where we build.

We pioneer unprecedented projects in which we are keenly attuned to the new needs of our customers. We have completely revamped our path of real estate to offer tailored business models. We go above and beyond to make sure that we create prosperous avenues that people want and care about, ensuring them a tranquil lifestyle.

Sherif Diab


Al-Guezira Group has a proven legacy of complete community-building projects, from raw land to renovation projects, contracting, commercial and retail buildings across a diverse geographic footprint.

As a developer, Al-Guezira Group has built and executed a range of luxury lifestyle communities and integrated lifestyle communities including Al-Guezira Estates, Al-Guezira Plaza, Green Park, AL-Hadaba and Telal Al-Guezira, with new residential and commercial projects in the pipeline.

Every Al-Guezira project takes into account how we want to live, work and socialise; from proximity to educational hubs and major roads, to open and flexible floor plans. Designed by some of the world’s leading architectural firms, our projects focus on contemporary luxury complimented by intelligent interior spaces and an attention to detail rarely seen in today’s property market.

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