Al-Guezira Group is a leading property development group founded in Cairo in 1988. We are fuelled by a passion for innovation, an assurance of quality and a commitment to flawless execution. We specialise in premium residential and commercial projects, and are renowned for our expertise and market insight. Our philosophy is simple, we only undertake projects that we have the confidence and experience to deliver, without compromise to our exact standards of quality and profitability.


Utilising over thirty years of industry experience, Al-Guezira Group has a strong commitment to innovation and has captured the imagination of both the commercial and residential sectors. A truly impressive track record features an array of medium to large scale developments cementing Al-Guezira Group as one of Egypt’s most reliable and consistent developers. With a keen eye for exploring the needs of the marketplace, Al-Guezira Group strives to be at the forefront

of Egypt’s property landscape and has key strategic partnerships with a number of highly regarded and award-winning architects. Al-Guezira Group enjoys a reputation of exclusivity and quality thanks in part to our boutique design approach. In turn, this drives the constant rise in resale value of our residential properties, while the commercial sector benefits from elegantly designed luxurious offices and high-end retail stores.